Hi I’m Drew. Welcome to my Eportfolio. This is where I write about the assignments I have done this year. I have also written a little bit about me. Now I will explain about my title. On a wave, there is usually a section of the wave that you have to tuck in to (get barreled), go around, or pump through, and every way of doing it is a challenge. It is my title because it represents the challenges and obstacles that I will face and I am facing. Now for what you should see on my page. I have posted numerous assignments to my L Arts page. The projects range from movies to essays. You should probably go there first and view some of the class projects I have done. The access to the page is up in the top right corner where it says L Arts. After reading through essays, videos, and more,  proceed to the  About Me page. There you can find out a little bit about the  author, me. Feel free to comment. I hope you enjoy it!

Anne Marie (mom)
2/4/2010 02:05:59 pm

so i am understanding that part of this fascination is about the challenge and the obstacles that are real things that will help to prepare you for life. so now i am cool with spending 45 minutes checking out different breaks before you dive in :)


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